You are sick and tired of your appearance and want to bring something new and exciting to the way you look and feel? Well, without a doubt, changing your hairstyle is the easiest way to do that and achieve the fresh new start you are looking for. Your new hairstyle will dramatically change not just the way you look but also the way you feel and even can have an impact on your personality. Since hairstyle and haircut are such an important part of our appearance and our life in general, it is important to take your time, research, and choose the best and most fitting hairstyle for you and your character. Let’s find out more about the most popular and trendiest haircuts and hairstyles of the year and the upcoming years.

Angled Bob

Since Rihanna made the bob the hairstyle hit of the time a few years back, it seems like hairstylists and people just can’t get enough of this edgy and still very elegant haircut. Beyond the classic and neat bob, this year we are enjoying the messier and more artistic angled bob more and more. A beautiful angled bob cut turns out to be among the most popular short haircuts for women right now and it is going to keep its top position in the upcoming year. Match the edgy haircut with dark roots, warm hair colour undertone, and ombre or balayage effect for maximum trendiness and edginess.

Tousled Lob Haircut

Do you want to be edgy but not that edgy? Well, then you can replace the angled bob with the elegant while still very artistic and creative tousled lob haircut. The flexibility of longer locks will bring a bit of romantic twist to balance out the edginess of this hairstyle.

The French Bob

For all the fans of short hair and a classic and effortlessly elegant Parisienne style, the French Bob is here for you. A few years back the pixie cut was assumed as the edgiest, bravest and most sophisticated look for women, however, nowadays it is replaced by the French Bob. Haircuts with fringes are becoming the hottest trend of the upcoming year, so don’t be afraid to try out the French Bob that features not only a fringe but also a lot of coolness.

Curtain Fringe and Shag Haircut

Yet another haircut style inspired by the effortless elegance of the Parisienne. Curtain fringe has been considered to be the ultimate key hairstyle of the Parisian IT girl for many decades with some of the most popular French actresses and singers making it a total hit. Match a curtain fringe with a shaggy haircut for maximum effect.

Medium One-Length Haircut

Back to the basics. If you don’t think that edgier and shorter haircuts suit you, bet on the classic and choose an elegant and effortless medium one-length haircut. It is simple yet very beautiful and complements your femininity.

Curly Crop

Curly-haired girls have always had to deal with a lot of challenges when picking up the best hairstyle to suit them. Indeed, curly hair is not that easy to style and not all haircuts look as good. However, this year we are embracing natural beauty and the uniqueness of all types and shapes of natural curls. If you have a naturally curly hair and you want to try out a short haircut, the curly crop is the easiest and safest option for you. This haircut will significantly decrease the time and energy you need to invest in maintaining your curly hair in perfect look and condition. It is easy, looks amazing, and it is the perfect pick for every busy curly girl.

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