Nicholas Anthony

Whether your looking for salons in bedford or elsewhere, meeting new clients in my salon compelled me to help other lost ladies to find a new salon in Bedford. Their tales of woe prompted me to give you some guidance and tips you can action immediately. Its often a daunting task for many. If your new to an area then this can be particularly frustrating. Most of my new clients that come to me often say they've been recommended but on the odd occasion there are a few new ladies that have told me a few gems, that may help a few reading this looking for ideas. Have a look at our front page and listen to the clip hereBefore I get into the different ways to find a great Salon in Bedford I must start with a little history. When i started out there were literally hundreds of salons in bedford. I remember when i started in 1980, (can't believe I'm saying that - makes me feel prehistoric)) looking through the yellow pages - there were 5 maybe 6 pages full of listings!