Hair Therapy

Our salon team is at the forefront of new trends from the worlds of fashion. We specialise in translating these trends into everyday, wearable styles that can be truly contemporary, or simply classic. Let our expert team treat you purely as an individual, with the highest standards of service to be found in the Highlands.

One difference you'll notice with Hair Therapy is that our hairdressers always take the time to build a strong relationship with their clients. You'll stay with us for years because the bond between you and your stylist is more important to us than anything else. And once you've found that perfect connection, we hope you'll want to keep it. To ensure our ideas and skills remain fresh and cutting edge we regularly put ourselves on hair courses and go to seminars. Should you want a classic look or simply beautiful hair, we are equally pleased to make it a reality for you, and to ensure your relationship with your hairdresser is perfect.