Hair Fairy Boutique

Have you found that you aren't as happy with your hair colour as you expected to be? Did an experiment with dyeing your hair at home not turn out as expected? No one likes their hair to stand out for all of the wrong reasons, especially if you spend a lot of time interacting with clients or the public as part of your job. It's not always practical to wear a hat to cover up your colouring mistakes, so why not book an appointment with Hair Fairy Boutique? Our team is experienced at carrying out colour corrections for both men and women, so you can forget your bad hair day and step out of the salon with renewed confidence.

Do you find it difficult to add volume to your hair when you're trying to style it? Perhaps you want to wow your friends and family with longer hair then you normally have. In addition to adding length, hair extensions are also able to create the appearance of thicker hair. Speak to one of our stylists today about adding extensions to your hair.