Hair Beauty At Mr David

As you enter the door at Mr David's Hair & Beauty Salon, at 2 Talbot House, Market Street in Shrewsbury, you will find the cutting edge of salon chic. With a Grand Piano, bespoke furniture and comfortable sofa, the salon is unique, bursting with style, quality, creativity and above all a warm, friendly atmosphere. A Hair Stylist with Style!

Mr David is bringing something new to Shrewsbury; it is not just about going to a hairdresser for a haircut but a revolutionary experience. Prepare to be inspired, intrigued and invigorated for the best cosseting and pampering opportunity there is.

The salon is technically brilliant, the team who have worked together for over 24 years, will ensure you look good and above all feel good! So if you need a stylist, hairdresser or a beauty treatment by our resident beautician, Mr David Hair & Beauty Salon is the place to be!