Golds Beauty

Golds Hair Salon is located at 12 Gammon Walk, Barnstaple and Golds Beauty Salon is opposite at 5 Gammon Walk. The Company is a Private Limited Company and is owned by the 3 founder Directors. Brian Sherwin is the Chairman and the Company Secretary, Louisa Lang is Managing Director and Kerry Whitefield is Deputy Managing Director. To deliver this we have high standards in terms of qualifications, experience, training, service standards and prices. We want every client to leave our salons satisfied with the styling or beauty treatment they have had.

Customers are encouraged to be critical if not satisfied and we will do everything possible to rectify any error. Customers are free to ask for any stylist or therapist they want and can change salon, stylist or therapist whenever they wish. It is advisable to make appointments in advance but at times we can accommodate clients without notice.