Donna Lewise Hair Emporium

I would like to introduce myself as Donna Lewise, owner of the Donna Lewise Hair Emporium, located in a tucked away position of Oxford Street, Dartmouth. Trained and experienced from 10 years of working in salons in Birmingham, I succeeded in relocating to the South West 10 years ago, bringing with me a wealth of knowledge, talent and expertise that allowed me to show hairdressing is truly an art form. The past 10 years have seen the Donna Lewise Hair Emporium go from strength to strength, and I now have an excellent regular clientele comprising recurring visitors and holidaymakers alike.

I offer a unique, personal service in a friendly, welcoming and relaxing environment from the moment you walk through the door. Offering a wide range of hairdressing and solarium treatments for both ladies and gents, including a hair menu for clients to select their preferred treatment.